This cute dog is more than excited to know he’s finally adopted after 1250 days in forest care


This cutie named Bowie is so wonderful and so excited to know that he has finally found his loving forever home.

This 6-year old pit bull who was born in 2014 once was adopted by a family being just a small puppy.

However, what’s the most interesting is that after being placed at his foster family, Bowie didn’t get along with them.

He was always fighting and wasn’t pleased.

Bowie is a very sweet dog, but sadly nobody wanted to adopt him.

The rescue even said that they will provide his future family owner with photosessions and private training, the dog didn’t get adopted.

The rescue shared the dog’s story on social media.


Bowie’s story soon became very popular and a woman named Briana said she wants to adopt the dog.

The rescue agreed to give the dog to her. Briana doesn’t own any other pets or children.

The rescuers shared the sweet videos of the Bowie getting finally adopted.

They were so excited and happy for him!

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