The 11 close friends aged between 65 and 85 years old have built a large house to avoid nursing homes

Interessante Gerüchte

The 11 elderly individuals from Montauban had planned to find a house where they could live together.

They had always dreamt of having their cozy corner to avoid moving into a nursing home.

Usually, when we hear about roommates, we first think of students or young people.

But now there are many elderly people making the decision to live together to avoid ending up in a nursing home.

Furthermore, some people share their homes with young students. So, the group of these friends aged 65 to 85 years old recently started living together.

They decided to share the same house, hoping to extend their freedom and share common interests.

Thus, it has been 10 years since they prepared their place called „La Maison d’Isis.“

Their main purpose was to live separately while sharing meals and interests.

Also, to support each other whenever any of them needed help. This was so they could remain independent even from their children and grandchildren.

So, they believed that after creating their villa, they would never appear in a nursing home.

Therefore, this idea worked! A group of retirees shares the same building but lives separately in the meantime, and they are so happy.

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