The 18 years old girl learned about her pregnancy only after giving birth: the story surprised everyone

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This British woman, who is 18 years old, experienced this.

Ebony Stevenson went to bed early one night because she felt awful. However, she quickly fell asleep and didn’t awaken until she was in the hospital.

She discovered that she was now a mother at this point.

The young woman had no idea that she might be pregnant. Due to convulsions and excruciating headaches, Ebony was admitted to the hospital.

Doctors there identified toxicity. Ebony and the medical professionals were unaware that she was pregnant.

The doctors responded immediately once they understood what it was.

Three days after giving birth, the young woman who had undergone an emergency cesarean section awoke.

Doctors have explained why the girl didn’t realize she was pregnant. Ebony, according to the Independent, was born with uterus didelphys.

This indicates that she had two wombs, and the child had grown undetected in one of them.

Three days after emerging from her coma, the patient learned she was now a mother to a baby girl.

„At first, I was terrified and utterly perplexed. It came as a surprise.

I believed the physicians were mistaken,“ Ebony said. She was first reluctant to form a bond with the infant because of this.

The 18-year-old woman is now delighted for her offspring. Elodie was her given name.

Ebony made the decision to raise her daughter while also pursuing her education.

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