The 2 years old saved her mother’s life thanks to the internet

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The internet helped the 2-years old save her mother.

When her mother passed unconsciously at home, a two-year-old child unlocked her phone and called for help, saving her mother’s life.

Little Sophia didn’t go crazy when 28-year-old Samantha Meisen passed out in her kitchen.

She grabbed her mother’s smartphone and used her mother’s finger to unlock it using the fingerprint reader.

Then, Sophia accessed Facebook Messenger and chose a picture of her grandmother to call.

Debbie Baker, his grandma, lived in another city 250 kilometers away.

She picked up the phone and questioned Sophia about her mother.

Debbie requested a phone call with her mother after the daughter called her „bad.“ Debbie quickly made a call for assistance after Sophia showed her mother laying on the ground.

A pillow and blanket were brought for her by Sophia and her 4-year-old brother, Ethan. While waiting for the ambulance, they sat next to her.

When Samantha was rushed to the hospital, medical professionals found that dehydration was the root of her dizziness.

She has already made it home after fully recovering. „Sofia has always been kind; she greets me with hugs, asks what to get me, and looks after her brother Finlay.

Given that I thought Ethan, I would have expected him to assist me. Hearing and comprehending what I was saying to her brother surprised me.

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