The 45 years old beautiful mother has seven children: she is an inspiration for a lot of women

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Jessica Enslow resides in Utah, a state in the United States. At age 19, she gave birth to her first kid.

The young woman was astonished to learn that her weight prevented her from wearing her jeans anymore.

However, Jessica gave birth to 6 more children after 25 years, and she is now a very fit woman.

When seeing Anslow’s Instagram page, one would think she was a carefree young girl.

Trials, victories, and failures have all been part of Jessica’s fitness path, which has included fasting periods, celebrity exercise videos, fad diets, and fad trainers.

Anslow was a nurse before giving birth to her fifth child; today, she blogs about fitness on social media.

Her objective has never been to appear flawless on Instagram.

Instagram is enjoyable because you want to be genuine, but you also realize that most users are interested in very different kinds of images, she explains.

And the woman is still having trouble striking a balance between the glossy cover and reality on Instagram.

However, Jessica is pleased to hear from ladies who claim that she inspires them.

Anslow started training at her home three days a week rather than spending hours each day in the gym after the birth of her sixth child.

According to Jessica Anslow, she is most motivated by the way her followers hold her to account.

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