The 45 years old opted for a modern short haircut: the results are shocking

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Meet Angelina, who had her hair trimmed under a bob a few years back, and it looked great on her.

After the cycle of work and family obligations, the woman hasn’t yet found time for a salon, though.

Our heroine occasionally combed her gray hair by herself, and possibly that was it.

But all changes when an accidental run-in with an old friend occurs.

She eventually made the decision to take care of herself, and as a result, she significantly reduced her weight, started exercising, got a stylish haircut, changed her clothes, and started to look younger.

Then Angelina abruptly understood that it was too early for her to become less valuable.

Angelina decided to finally cut her long hair off at a beauty parlor after getting some inspiration from a friend. Porous and unkempt hair.

Because the prior haircut was so unpleasant and could only be worn in a ponytail or a bun, she believed it would not get any worse.

After perusing the catalogs a little, Angelina astonished the master by selecting elves! Few people choose such a short length for their hair after years of wearing it long.

There was a very lengthy detonation up front, so some adjustments were needed.

So, once the haircut is finished, it’s time to start coloring.

Angelina’s previously pretty uninteresting dark brown was changed for one that was deeper and more saturated.

Now that she’s a stunning brunette, her dark skin and brown eyes are in perfect harmony.

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