The 70 years old grandmother cleaned 52 beaches by herself: she charmed everyone with her knowledge

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Pat Smith, a singular woman, enchanted everyone with her wisdom and concern for her children’s future.

The 70-year-old British resident cleaned 52 beaches in 2018 so that his grandchildren could live in a more hygienic environment.

And that merits respect without a doubt.

Pat battles plastic pollution in his area and is a true entrepreneur. He had to clean each beach for a week.

This woman is also an entrepreneur and the founder of a business dedicated to environmental protection and pollution prevention.

The company, which goes by the name Last Straw Cornwall, is self-sufficient. Pat Smith found volunteers willing to fight for cleanliness among other businesses and others with similar viewpoints.

Consequently, a reliable team has been established, and new team members are added daily.

This lady is a fantastic role model.

Pat is extremely concerned about the threat we daily pose to our water and land resources.

He claims that he feels responsible for his children’s and grandchildren’s future.

He removed tons of trash and plastic bottles off the seashore at the age of 70, displaying extraordinary vigor and persistence.

You can see how many volunteers Pat Smith was able to organize and join his fight against pollution on his blog.

Pat Smith inspired a lot of people.

In the UK, his team obliterates 85 tonnes of trashed plastic annually.

However, if you give it some thought, a single straw takes around 200 years to break down. Plastic bags are also included in the somber figures.

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