The actor Spencer Pratt named Friends star Lisa Kudrow the rudest fame ever

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Spencer Pratt has explained why he considers Friends actress Lisa Kudrow to be „one of the worst people he’s ever encountered.“

In response to a follower’s request for him to pick the rudest celebrity, Heidi Montag’s 39-year-old husband, who is also the star of The Hills.

Without wasting any time, Spencer responded, „I can do that in my sleep.“

For instance, one of the worst people I’ve ever encountered is Phoebe from Friends.

In any case, we now understand why he said something so unexpected.

While recording himself on the sand, Spencer thought, “ In 2009, Heidi and I attended our first truly distinctive A-list event.

It was clear when we got there that we hadn’t been invited.

Heidi and I were almost certain that we were being recorded for the Punk’d TV show, but we weren’t concerned because there was so much free food and drink available.

Phoebe [Lisa] comes over as we are enjoying a small piece of caviar, which was a little unexpected given that no one had approached us before this point in the event.

She urges Heidi to get away from me as quickly as possible because I’m going to hurt her and have the eyes of a serial killer, just in front of me.

Holding her breath, Heidi wonders if this is a sophisticated joke or a covert observation setup.

They got married in 2008, but by 2010, the couple had broken up and was about to file for divorce.

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