The baby girl was born twice by chance: the incredible story amazed everyone

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American Margaret Boomer fought for the life of her unborn child. When she was 16 weeks pregnant, medical professionals deemed the life of her unborn child to be at risk.

This indicated that the fetus had cancer, which was preventing him from feeding.

Margaret was forced to decide between ending her pregnancy and consenting to a risky procedure that would be harmful to both her and the unborn child.

The choice Margaret made shocked the doctors as well.

The young woman, who already had two daughters, declined to have the pregnancy ended and said she was prepared for surgery.

The spine of baby Lilith Hope, who was born weighing only 500 grams, had a malignant tumor removed.

Even though the tumor could have been removed in about 20 minutes, the entire surgery took five hours since the embryo had to be taken out of the uterus and implanted in the correct spot after the tumor was gone.

You may imply that the girl had already given birth once but would do it again.

Twelve weeks after this amazing treatment, baby Lilith was born once more.

The two-and-a-half-kilo infant was in good condition. After delivery, a second procedure was required to remove the tumor’s remains from the newborn.

Thankfully, everything went as planned, and the mother and daughter made it home safely. This is how the proper medical staff prevented the death of a baby born for the second time.

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