The baby was born with a white lock of hair is already 3: How the girl looks like now

Interessante Gerüchte

A baby girl named Maya Aziz was born in November 2018. The baby girl was born with a flawless white hair lock.

She startled every member of the hospital team, save her mother, who shares the same genetic trait.

Her mother started taking pictures of the girl and posting them on social media so that she wouldn’t be ashamed of how she looked in the future.

The woman claims that she became pregnant at the age of 40, that the pregnancy was challenging, and that a cesarean section was performed after 23 hours of labor.

Despite having a snow-white lock of hair on her head, Maya stood out among the other newborns despite being born in perfect health.

The mother recalls hearing comments like, „Wow, she was born with a parting,“ „such a stylish baby,“ and „I kept saying, let me see, let me see“ even in the delivery room.

The girl’s account currently has more than 22,000 subscribers, and she never stops receiving compliments on her unique beauty.

„I experienced bullying as a child due to my looks and physical scars.

I hid behind clothes and makeup throughout my entire youth and adolescence. I became aware of my uniqueness when I was about 20 years old.

Furthermore, I became unique because of that, Talita stated.

The girl’s parents are currently working to prevent complexes over her appearance and to help her embrace her individuality.

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