The beautiful actress Victoria Ruffo is already 56 years old: let’s see what she looks like now

Interessante Gerüchte

The gorgeous girl became famous very quickly. At 18, he made his film debut.

Thanks to her beauty and charm, she became famous outside of her own country.

Especially thanks to the “Just Maria” TV show. Victoria not only became famous but also found her husband during working on the site.

The man was called Eugenio Derbez. When they first met, they argued and broke up.

A year later there was another meeting.

When Ruffo found out she was in love. When Eugenio married the actress, he underwent a huge change.

The husband insisted that the wife stay home because he thought she had to. Victoria’s husband would show bouts of mad jealousy if he stayed on set.

The actress finally realized that her husband was just jealous of her success after a few

years. He was not as successful as Victoria. Ruffo fought the best he could before starting divorce proceedings.

Divorce proceedings have been delayed. Derbez refused to pay for the child.

When the actress regained her freedom, she focused only on her career.

She simply couldn’t connect with men. Omar Fayad, a politician, may have an impact on him.

Despite being 56 years old, the actress appears younger.

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