The best schoolboy turns out to be roofless: this story will make you cry

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Griffin Furlong, a recent graduate from a school in the United States, was referred to as valedictorian (the student with the best grades delivering the final address).

Long story short, he struggled more than other pupils to achieve his objective.

Griffin admitted throughout his speech that he had no roof. Twelve years ago, he and his father lost their housing.

After Griffin’s mother died, Griffin’s father experienced financial difficulties. They lost the house because they were unable to pay the necessary maintenance costs.

In a shelter and other temporary housing, the youngster, his father, and his brother are accommodated.

Griffin recalls traveling eight kilometers with his father and older brother Shaun when he was seven years old in order to find a place to stay the night in a Louisville shelter without a roof.

„I lost count of the number of sleepless nights I endured on a chilly plastic mattress.

Griffin said in his address, „I cried and hoped that my life would change and that I would not have to face the challenges of the world I imagined at the time.

Except for a few close friends, none of Griffin’s teachers were aware of his difficulties, since he managed to conceal them.

Griffin stated that he intended to attend a university in Florida and pursue an engineering degree, just like his older brother.

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