The big hand in the Atacama desert: a giant symbol of human grief

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I really want to pack my bags and go away when I see the many locations in the world and what they have to offer.

When I get there, I realize I don’t have the resources or money to fulfill all of my trip aspirations.

A huge arm protrudes from the ground in the Atacama Desert in the middle of South America, like the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Mano del Desierto, a sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irrázábal, was really made relatively recently to honor those who suffered injustice and torture under the country’s military rule.

The artwork is 36 feet (11 meters) high and has an iron and cement foundation.

The sculpture was formally installed on March 28, 1992, with funding provided by the neighborhood group Corporación Pro Antofagasta.

He has shown a number of these enormous hand sculptures all throughout the world.

On Uruguay’s Punta del Este’s Brava Beach, here’s another hand.

This one was constructed in 1987 in Madrid, Spain’s Juan Carlos Park.

This, in my opinion, should also be included in the travel itinerary.

These kinds of sculptures are really cool, and it’s great that different metropolitan areas support this form of art in their cities.

In addition to being a fantastic strategy to battle graffiti, encouraging artists to use their work to enhance the appearance of the city also draws tourists and enhances the city’s distinctiveness.



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