The boy bakes biscuits to raise money for his teacher and one day he hears applause from those around him

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The story of Derek, a little boy who baked biscuits to raise money for his sick teacher, portrays the contrasting personalities of his parents, Linda and Henry.

Linda, a wealthy businesswoman, believed that money is power and used it to win the custody of Derek after divorcing his father. Derek’s father, Henry, on the other hand, was a considerate, responsive, and generous man, just like his son.

Derek’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Lester, got sick, and Derek found out that she needed money to pay for her treatment.

He decided to bake biscuits and sell them to raise money for her. However, his mother disapproved of his act of kindness and forbade him from continuing his biscuit business, saying that he should think of himself first.

The story portrays how money and power can blind people, making them insensitive to others‘ needs.

Linda valued money and power over everything else and believed that Derek should also prioritize money over others. However, Derek’s father had instilled in him the values of kindness and generosity.

In conclusion, the story highlights the importance of empathy and kindness, values that can’t be bought with money.

It encourages people to prioritize the well-being of others and help those in need, regardless of their social status or financial situation.

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