The boy had been saving money for many years to surprise his parents

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LeJuan James, a popular YouTube blogger known for his humorous videos, owes his success to his parents.

Growing up, his mother and father sacrificed everything to ensure their children had everything they needed.

To show his gratitude, LeJuan saved money for years to surprise his parents with a new home.

Before LeJuan became famous, his parents had to work tirelessly to provide for their family.

They moved from Puerto Rico to the United States, where his mother worked as a cleaner at Disney World during the day and at a pharmacy in the evening, while his father worked in hotel maintenance and at a Burger King in the evenings.

LeJuan never complained about his parents‘ sacrifices, instead, he was grateful for everything they did.

Years later, LeJuan achieved success and was able to fulfill his childhood dream of buying a big and beautiful house for his parents.

He blindfolded his parents and brought them to their new home, where they were amazed and overcome with emotion upon realizing it was theirs.

The video of the surprise shows the family’s excitement and LeJuan’s own tears of joy.

This moment will forever be remembered by the family as a time of great happiness and appreciation.

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