The boy is adopted by detective after almost being killed by his father

Officer Blair answered the call and move to the view.

He discovered little Ronnie with an axe, badly wounded and with terrible burns. The baby was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors said the child had a slim chance of survival. Mike paid frequent visiting to Ronnie in the hospital.

The boy was recovering after a few weeks. They discovered that they both enjoyed football, which of course brought them closer to each other.

The boy once asked Michael often to watch a movie with him. He agreed, but only for the night.

Michael said his wife was to accompany him to Ronnie’s hospital tonight.

«After visiting Ronnie, I realized I wanted to adopt him as a member of our family,» the woman recalls.

Michael and Daniela Blair are the parents of five children.

Daniela’s children were overjoyed when she told them she wanted to adopt Ronnie.

According to Michael, the children approached him on their own and ask, „Daddy, you should agree with Mummy and decide to adopt the child.

“ Ronnie is now in the care of a loving family.

«They are wonderful people. They are the best parents and look after me. Nobody is better than them, » said little Ronnie.

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