The bride invited her grandmothers to the role of bridesmaids: beautiful story

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Little „flower girls“ traditionally make their way to the altar before the bride and husband depart an American wedding and cover it in flower petals.

However, Lindsey, the bride, made the decision to stand out. At her wedding, the bridesmaids

There were four beautiful grandmothers. Since becoming engaged, Lindsey, a bride, acknowledged she had been daydreaming about it.

Following a photo with Lindsay, the four grandmothers (three from the bride’s side and one from the groom’s side) took part in the ceremony.

Lindsey remarked, „I thought they should be part of the ceremony because I was so delighted they were all present for the wedding.

The bride’s great-grandmother, who is the oldest, is 90 years old; the other grandmothers are 76, 72, and 70. Before the bride and groom arrived, the grandmothers crossed the aisle and tossed flower petals from their baskets. Everyone in attendance praised Lindsey’s brilliant idea.

All the grandmothers, in Lindsey’s opinion, did a fantastic job and created a wonderful atmosphere for the visitors and the newlyweds. „Most girls count themselves fortunate to have at least one grandmother.

And Lindsey should be proud that she has four grandmothers, Natalie Caho, the couple’s wedding photographer, commented.


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