The bride invited her grandmothers to be bridesmaids: It was a very touching ceremony

Interessante Gerüchte

In many countries, there is a very beautiful wedding tradition when a young lady takes several bridesmaids who dress in the same outfits, some of them give papers with oaths or pillows with rings, and someone is strewing the path with rose petals.

The bridesmaids always come first and behind them the hero of the occasion himself, arm in arm with his father.

The girl made the decision to break with convention a little and invite her grandmothers, particularly not just her own but also the grandmothers of her future husband, in place of her young girlfriends.

Even though the wedding guests were unaware of it, they all started crying when the grandmothers appeared, looking as radiant and joyful as when they were little.

Never before have bridesmaids been chosen in such a unique way.

The bride made this decision not to make her wedding the most unusual, but rather to honor and provide delight to her grandparents.

She was eager to tell them about her most memorable trip.

When all the grandmothers can attend their grandchildren’s weddings, it’s amazing! We were fortunate that they were still with us, said Lindsey, the bride.

The oldest bridesmaid is 90 years old. Other people are 76, 70, and 72 years old.

But because they were so joyful and enthusiastic that day, no one paid attention to their age.

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