The bride secretly flew to visit her grandmother in her wedding dress

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One of the most significant events in life is getting married. Family members can’t always make it to this function, though illness, aging, or other life events.

Too Unfortunately some guests can’t attend the wedding.

But Tara Foley believes there are no impossibilities. Due to her advanced age and heart condition, her 102-year-old grandma was unable to attend the wedding.

Even if she had the desire. The granddaughter of Stacy then made the decision to shock her. She flew in a bridal gown to visit her grandma.

Tara has kept the gift a secret from her friends and family. Everybody was shocked by the pictures she started posting on Facebook after that.

Her grandmother was inconsolable with the girl. The day, according to Stasia, was among the best of her long life.

The future bride thought she would never see her grandmother again at that point.

We were aware that this would be our final encounter. I love you so much, she whispered as she caressed my face with her hands and met my eyes directly.

27 days later, Tara’s grandmother passed away. However, Tara is content that her final recollections of her grandmother are so affectionate.

Although losing a loved one is never easy, if we remember them, they will always be with us.

Tara’s experience serves as more proof that we should give our loved ones more opportunities to delight us while they are still alive. It matters not how tiny the gesture is.


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