The cat visits the grave of her late owner every day for a year

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Particularly dogs, animals have long been renowned for their fidelity and devotion.

Numerous tales exist about how devoted dogs are to their masters.

What about cats, then?

Despite being viewed as egotistical and wild animals, they show us that they can also make devoted companions.

The tale we’ll share with you today exemplifies how a cat remained devoted to her owner both before and after her passing.

Indonesian citizen Keli Keningau Prayitno from Central Java saw how a single cat returned at the same time each day and laid down on the ground.

He quickly discovered a tragic truth. The cat was discovered to have made daily trips to her deceased owner’s grave.

It turned out that the cat often went to her late owner’s grave and curled up there.

He quickly discovered a tragic truth. The cat went to her deceased owner’s grave every day.

For the past year, the cat has made daily trips to her owner’s grave.

The only time she exits the tomb is to eat, according to Keli, who spoke to The Mirror.

The elderly woman’s children look after the cat while they wait at home, but the feline is devoted to her owner and continues to pay her visits.

The cat meows as if she wants to speak to her mistress while sleeping on the tomb. She likely misses her a great deal.

The animal’s need for her mistress is very heartbreaking to observe.

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