The couple adopted five siblings separated by custody: wonderful family

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Three-cub parents Andy and Thomas Bonura adopted five cubs from the same family that was abandoned and ended up with various guardians.

The Bonur spouses claim that their decision is not unique because they have always desired a large family.

Thomas and Andy Bonura have been wed for fifteen years. They have three kids together. Doctors advised Andy that she could no longer give birth after the second birth, which was twins.

Before I had my own children, I always wanted to adopt a child, says Andy. We didn’t hesitate any longer when the doctors told me not to give birth because we both desired a sizable family.

After obtaining approval for their adoption in 2017, Andy and Thomas welcomed Bryson into their family.

The couple chose to adopt Bryson’s siblings as well after learning of their existence.

Then David and Gabriel, two additional young children, entered the home, and Thomas and Carter, two older boys, started to play with them.

The couple rushed to set up the adoption of all five of the siblings after learning that their parents had abandoned them irrevocably.

Andy and Thomas received legal parental rights over their young adopters in May 2020.

The couple now has an enormous brood of eight children. David is six years old, Gabriela is four, Thomas and Carter are both eight years old, and Bryson is three.

Additionally, their own young children, Joey , Sadie, and Daphne, reside with the spouses.

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