The couple decided to show others the hardships of parenting children with specific syndrome

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Milo and Charlie McConnell, twins, were born with the condition.

Down syndrome is brought on by chromosome triplication, not duplication.

Dan and Julie made the decision to choose gratitude over grieving about their children’s circumstances.

The couple frequently shares pictures of their extraordinary twins on the Internet to show the „benefits“ of the condition to the world.

These images show the challenges, benefits, and insider information related to raising children with Down syndrome.

It may be really distressing, therefore she wants to reach out to families whose children have received a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Julie expressed her want for people to see these and understand that this is how life can be. It might be exciting, romantic, or unsettling.

He wishes that everyone could see how content and regret-free they are.

They are clearly building a community for parents of Down syndrome kids, a safe space where they can also share their own experiences.

Learn more about other people, even though other individuals can object to their behavior or believe that twins are attractive in and of themselves.

They take a little longer to reach milestones, but when they do, says Julie, they are as joyful as any parent alive.

They rejoice and are ecstatic for them when they achieve.

As their communities develop, their father said it’s important to let people know they exist, that there are multiple kids in the area, and that they really desire to be noticed and remembered.

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