The couple lost their three children and 6 months later a miracle happened

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The couple lost their three children in a car accident and 6 months later a miracle happened

Kyle, Emma, and Katie were going home with their mother.

It was an ordinary day, but in an instant everything changed in a way that changed their lives forever, irreversibly.

Three little lives were cut short in minutes. They had gone to the mall over the weekend.

The mother took the children to the playhouse, then they went for a walk with the grandmother and had lunch.

In the end, everyone said goodbye to Grandma and got in their mom’s car to go home.

No one yet knew that this was the last meeting with their grandchildren.

Suddenly on the road, a truck hit their car the rear part of the car disappeared into the room, in critical condition, and the children are no longer alive.

When Laura regained consciousness, she remembered nothing. The husband gathered his strength and somehow broke the tragic news to his wife.

The couple went through hell, but remained inseparable and supported each other.

Six months later, Lora got wonderful news, she was pregnant, and the visit to the doctor made them happier. The couple was expecting three children, two girls, and a boy.

Everyone insists that such coincidences do not happen and that it is a gift to the parents of deceased children.

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