The couple spent 400 thousand pounds on exotic plants: here’s how their garden looks

Interessante Gerüchte

In 2018, Chris and Anneka Ansell, a British couple,

bought their first house together with a barren and neglected garden that had been devoid of water for weeks.

Eager to create a tranquil and serene atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical paradise, they embarked on transforming their garden in the summer of 2019.

Their goal was to bring the environment of Thailand and Sri Lanka into their English home, allowing them to feel like they were on vacation even while staying in their own backyard.

Cultivating tropical flowers posed certain challenges, as they required specific conditions for their growth.

Factors such as lighting and available space had to be carefully considered during the placement of the seeds.

Summer care involved regular watering in the morning and evening, which was relatively easy.

However, the harsh English winter was not suitable for these plants, necessitating the transplanting of the seeds into a greenhouse equipped with heaters to protect them from frost.

Chris and Anneka mainly took care of the garden layout themselves, occasionally seeking help from family members to stay within their budget.

The couple is enthusiastic about the progress they’ve made. The plants have bloomed and grown quickly, making their garden increasingly resemble an Asian jungle.

Their personal „tropical paradise“ became even more precious during the pandemic, as travel was restricted.

Chris emphasizes the importance of their garden, stating that even though they can’t go on a trip at the moment, they have their own oasis with a vacation-like atmosphere right at home.

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