The couple wanted to adopt children: now they have a big and beautiful family

Interessante Gerüchte

When Sarah and Andy Justice first met, they struck up a friendship that later developed into a romantic connection.

They got married and desired to have kids. But the young couple was unable to produce a child due to several issues.

The girl was informed by the doctors at the hospital that she could only become pregnant through IVF, but sadly, even here, the likelihood is very low.

They decided against taking a chance because it is an expensive operation and chose adoption instead.

When they discovered an expectant mother who was prepared to have her child and immediately surrender it to an orphanage, Sarah and Andy decided they would immediately adopt the child.

The girl, however, actually has triplets. She appeared to be afraid that young people would abandon their kids.

The couple, however, was not at all frightened by this; rather, they were delighted to have three kids at once, which is a true gift.

God provided the couple with unexpected joy as they were preoccupied with their triplets when it turned out that Sarah became pregnant in spite of all the experts‘ predictions! A boy and a girl were delivered as twins shortly after.

The family now has five kids. It’s not easy at all, there have been many issues, and Sarah and Andy have forgotten what quality sleep feels like, but everything, they are happy because they have a large and lovely family.

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