The daily savage hangover: tiny hedgehog befriends fox and they enjoy supper together every night

Interessante Gerüchte

When it comes to unexpected friendships, the animal world never ceases to amaze, but considering the circumstances, the way this young hedgehog and a gang of foxes befriended is even sweeter.

The strange friends met in someone’s garden, and they’ve been eating dinner together ever since!

Foxes are a regular occurrence in the United Kingdom, and inhabitants who live in wooded regions are frequently visited by all these charming creatures.

Lucy Goacher and her family were also affected. The teen lady  noticed how nice foxes are and began to feed them, which converted them into regular visitors.

„We used to get fox guests for years,“ the woman said online, „but like a lot of others, we felt they were dangerous creatures.“ „However, we just noticed how gentle they are a few years ago.“

Lucy has been providing free meals to her furry friend who has created a home in the woman’s back garden for several years.

However, because a free meal is always nice, especially when you’re a hungry animal, another strange visitor recently arrived – a tiny hedgehog.

The tiny animal, which was first hesitant, only approached the food after the four foxes had finished eating. However, it turns out that they never intended to chase him away, but rather to befriend him!

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