The dog brought home a pregnant cat and helped her give birth

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Juan Flores, a Mexican, owns a pit bull named Hades. Recently, Hades demonstrated once more that despite his intimidating exterior, he has a really soft heart.

It seems that many people think that pit bulls are merely fighting dogs! They are just as nice on the inside as other pets.

Juan Flores, a Mexican, also mentioned that the breed’s representatives are genuine cuties. The owner’s dog showed himself to be a true gentleman.

Juan Flores claimed that a stray cat frequently showed up close to his Tijuana, Mexico, home.

To prevent her from going hungry, the man left her some food. Juana’s dog Hades also made the decision to look after a stray cat.

One day, a commotion coming from the back door drew a man’s attention. The dog was clearly excited and wanted to demonstrate something to Juan.

The dog’s attitude about the opening of a cat maternity facility in his kennel was evidently unopposed.

He didn’t try to frighten the soon-to-be mother away from a safe location; instead, he brought her his blanket and laid down next to him.

When Nicole isn’t caring for her kittens, she spends time with Hades, with whom she becomes friends.

This couple’s split is not in danger since Juan will find new housing for the kittens as soon as they are old enough, but Nicole and Hades will remain with him.

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