The father of three girls missed the moment they found a sack of flour : it is very funny and amazing story

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DJ Abz Musa, a 34-year-old father from London, had his hands full with his three young daughters, Nala, Sade, and Mally, while his wife, Olivia, was at work.

Wanting to take an important phone call, he left his daughters in the living room with the TV on, thinking they would be fine watching their favorite cartoon, Vivo.

However, within a few minutes, the mischievous girls found a sack of flour on the kitchen table and proceeded to cover themselves and everything in the living room in a thick layer of flour.

When Abz was interrupted mid-call by his daughter Mally walking into the bedroom completely covered in flour, he rushed into the living room to discover the mess.

At first, Abz was taken aback but quickly pulled out his phone to document the hilarious situation. Despite the mess, Abz was able to see the humor in the situation and even recorded his daughters playing in the garden after washing them clean.

Although the sofa was stained with flour, the family took the incident in stride and shared the videos and pictures with their family chat, where everyone had a good laugh.

Abz acknowledged that moments like this were all part of the joy and laughter of raising children, and the family was able to move past the incident with ease.

In conclusion, while raising children can be a challenging task, it is important to remember that laughter is the best medicine.


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