The father’s plea for his autistic son who „has no friends“ goes viral, and birthday wishes pour in

Interessante Gerüchte

Daniel, an autistic teenager living in Nottingham, England, loved being alone.

However, his father, Kevin Harrison, was astonished to learn about Daniel’s two desires during a session at his college.

His primary wish was to learn how to drive, and the second was to have friends, which was sudden as they had previously thought that Daniel didn’t perceive friendship.

Kevin, like any loving father, wanted to fulfill his son’s needs before his fifteenth birthday.

He turned to Twitter to share an emotional plea. He hoped to garner some love on the web for his great autistic son on his big day.

Unexpectedly, the tweet went viral, and thousands of people connected with Daniel, sharing birthday messages full of love and blessings.

Celebrities, including Mark Hamill, Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone, Ariel Winter, and Liz Phair, sent messages to Daniel.

People also sent actual gifts by mail, and others tried to help him fulfill his desire to learn how to drive.

Automotive photographer and critic Kurt Bradley even shared a digital video of Daniel behind the wheel.

The next day, Kevin’s tweet became the top trending topic in the United States.

He was amazed by the response his tweet received,

which showed that there are numerous wonderful and kind people in this world who need to be favored and loved.

This touching story demonstrates that no matter how disconnected we might truly feel, we are all connected, and we are not alone.

Kevin discovered that there are many families who have felt the same way, and they reminded us that we all desire love and friendship in our lives.

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