The fattest child in the world has lost 115 pounds: he is now unrecognizable with shocking appearance

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The fattest child in the world has lost 115 pounds, he is now unrecognizable

You probably remember the images of this little boy that had gone around the world.

Then only 10 years old, Arya Permana weighed almost 200 kilos. Originally from Indonesia, the child suffered from morbid obesity, forcing him to live differently from little boys his age.

His mother, Rokayah, testified at the time in the DailyMail. “He can only take small steps otherwise he loses his balance.

He is always tired and complains of shortness of breath. He just eats and sleeps, and when he’s not doing those activities, he jumps in the tub and stays there for hours,” she told the newspaper.

Arya Permana’s mother had also explained giving her son 5 meals a day with quantities equivalent to more than two adults.

According to the mirror, he was ingesting 7,000 calories a day. “But I don’t even have enough money to buy him food to satisfy his appetite. Of course, I can’t leave him hungry,” she said.

Even before his adolescence, doctors warned him: the little boy was in danger of dying. He, therefore, underwent a sleeve to reduce his stomach, and therefore his appetite.

Arya Permana was also supported by a bodybuilder. Ade Rai accompanied the child throughout his weight loss. The little Indonesian who simply dreamed of playing with his friends in the swimming pool, playing football, and cycling, then went from 200 kilos to 83 kilos.

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