The former lovers only spent one night together but fate had something else in store for them

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The former lovers only spent one night together, but fate had something else in store for them

Charlieanne Broadhurst is a 28-year-old resident of the English town of Welling borough, who could clearly enter the reunion story contest with an ex.

Since high school, Charlieanne has been in love with a boy named Ryan Hill.

When they were 15 they started dating, then they moved in together and started planning a family.

When the girl was 20, she and Ryan had their first baby – a girl named Cassie-Lee.

Behind her, two more cubs were born – Kaira-Jay and Siena – now they are seven and five years old.

The man began living separately but continued to visit his family and spend time with his daughters.

In 2018, during one of his visits, Charlie struck up a conversation with him and, as the girl admits, she herself did not notice how the communication between the two parents turned into a flirtation – as a result, Ryan stayed with her overnight.

He just shut up. And we literally couldn’t talk to each other for 12 hours, trying to come to terms with it.

Soon, the triplets‘ hypothesis was confirmed – and the couple began telling loved ones about another pregnancy.

Ryan and Charlienn then brought their daughters together to talk about how they would be big sisters to their three little ones.

At 20 weeks, the sex of the children became known. And this news made the couple really happy.

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