The fresh start of a former racing Greyhound sporting a unique smile: he is adopted finally

Interessante Gerüchte

Because he could no longer race Greyhounds, Ross was retired at just 3 years old and ended up in a shelter.

Because of his physical peculiarity, finding him a new family was going to be complicated, but this dog and the volunteers who took care of him always kept hope.

Ross had never known what family life was. He had never had a home. This Greyhound is only 3 years old, but he had to “retire”.

A sporting retirement for this dog who participated in races and who was best known for his „smile“, says Metro.

It is, in fact, the particularity that characterizes this greyhound; he was born with what could be compared to maxillary prognathism.

As a result, his upper teeth are advanced and protruding.

Leaving the dog tracks, the quadruped landed at the Cheshire Dogs Home shelter in Warrington, in the North West of England.

Relayed by the media and social networks, his story moved a lot of people. In search of the ideal family for Ross, the Cheshire Dogs Home team finally found him a master.

Chris Ferrell, 43, was able to meet him at the shelter and fell in love with him. He adopted it without hesitation.

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