The girl decided to make a change and the result was impressive

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The girl decided to make a change and the result was impressive

Owners of lush, fluffy hair know firsthand how much time and money it takes to soothe it.

Also, you want to look good and have neat curls, not a washcloth.

Today laying. сom we show you a charming girl with a similar hair type who turned to a stylist for help.

She asked the master to make them more obedient. Firstly, the stylist chose the right shade for coloring, so that it blends harmoniously with the skin color of the client.

Just look at the result, the hair color has not changed drastically, only the tips have been clarified, and what a wonderful and refreshing effect!

A contrast that immediately jumps to the eye and transforms the image of the heroine. Well, the second step is straightening. The girl underwent the popular hair botox procedure, which helped to tame

her hair, to make it more elegant and beautiful. Now you can safely experiment with images!

A change in style can make a huge difference to a person’s appearance. Changes in style make people unique.

Nowadays, there are many professionals, it is very easy to do: be different by creating your own style

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