The girl found out that she has a twin sister because of the video on the network

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In our lives, significant events may occur quite by chance. Anas Bordieu was aware of her adoption, but she was unaware that she had a twin sister.

She watched a YouTube video that revealed the shocking reality to her. After 25 years apart, a 33-year-old London resident reunited with her own blood.

Anas was aware that she was brought to Paris at the age of three months after being born to a single mother in South Korea.

The girl received excellent care and treatment from her foster parents.

They have consistently stated that they value Anas and support her through all of her trying times.

Anais always imagined herself to be a sister, Anais‘ life altered irrevocably when she enrolled in Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design’s design program in London.

The moment the student opened the video, she froze in shock at what she saw—it was herself.

Anas initially believed it to be a joke because she was certain that she had not shot a music video.

Although she talked with an American accent, the girl on the screen shared the same hair and freckles, which is unusual for Asian women.

Anas had a gut feeling that this case would be one of her life’s pivotal moments.

She searched for her copy for two months, but sadly, nothing was discovered.

The same friend later spotted the female in the 21+ trailer in February.

So, the Korean woman was able to speak with Sam, her twin sister.

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