The girl has two colors of hair: She is blonde and brown at the same time

Interessante Gerüchte

No hairstylist can determine the hue of Bella Hill’s hair, who resides in the English town of Lincoln. This results from a genetic anomaly.

At least a quarter of her hair is sandy blonde, but the majority of it is chestnut.

Her mother and grandma spent a lot of time discussing and debating the baby girl’s hair color when she was born.

A „mole on the contrary“ covers more than a fourth of the baby’s head in a picture taken when she was still a baby.

According to scientists, Bella has polio on some of her skin. The word „gray“ in Greek, „polios,“ comes from this.

The pigment melanin is what gives hair its color. Melanin levels at the affected hairline are low or absent in people with polio.

The hair that is developing on the affected area is discolored and lacks pigment.

Just extremely light, typical hair otherwise. Girls don’t have a problem with this; in fact, Bella is glad to use it to her advantage!

When Bella was younger, it didn’t matter to her, but as she grew older, she understood that she could use her uniqueness to her advantage.

She chooses whether to be a blonde or a brunette in the morning. The young woman parts her hair however she likes.Bella turns blonde when she wears pretty clothing.

She also becomes brown when wearing sportswear like trousers and a hoodie. The fact that she can do this without paint makes her pals envious.

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