The girl who was once mocked for being overweight now looks like a top model: the power of will

Interessante Gerüchte

A student from the English city of Leeds, in Yorkshire, shared how she managed to lose 32 kilograms. Tilly Nieman admits to having always been a „big girl.“

However, during high school, her weight increased to 89 kilograms. At school, she was called „hippopotamus“ behind her back.

She used to wear a lot of makeup because she was embarrassed about her appearance.

The turning point was trying on clothes at the store, when even the larger sizes didn’t fit her.

At the age of 16, she decided to lose weight. Instead of having bagels and hot chocolate for breakfast, she now prefers fruits and coffee.

For lunch, she replaced tuna sandwiches and pasta with a tuna salad or pizza on toast.

For dinner, she eats pasta with lean sauces, salmon with rice and vegetables, or beans with cheese, whereas she used to eat pizza and pasta with mayonnaise-based sauces. In eight months, she managed to lose 16 kilograms.

This inspired Nieman so much that she continued to lose weight and started doing sports.

Now she weighs 57 kilograms and feels like a „completely different person.“

She has learned to admire her reflection in the mirror, whereas before she was afraid to look at herself.

She is very happy that she can now wear any dress and feel comfortable.

To anyone who wants to lose weight, Nieman advises to remember that losing weight is a long-distance race, not a sprint.

„You have to understand that it will take time and you will have to change your lifestyle. The main thing is to make the whole process enjoyable.

Thanks to this secret, I managed to lose weight,“ the girl said.

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