The guy proposed to his beloved by entering his favorite cartoon

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Since high school, Lee Lohler and his girlfriend Stutie David have been dating. When Lee made up his mind to ask her out, he took a humorous approach.

He rented a theater space and showed his favorite Sleeping Beauty cartoon, inserting himself, his girlfriend, and even a ring that accidentally landed on him.

Mysteriously in the screen’s hands. Initially, Stuti was astonished because a scene in the cartoon was obviously different from the one she was familiar with.

All of a sudden, they realized how much Lee and the cartoon characters resembled them.

Lee claims that the concept first entered his head years ago. The best approach to pop the question to his then-girlfriend was determined by a friend of mine, Lee said.

„I offered that he includes me in Forest Gump, his favorite film.

I could have done that since it was original, and I’m a filmmaker. I chose to keep the concept to myself when he abandoned it.

The painted Prince Lee flung a ring off the screen at the conclusion of the repainted love scene, and the actual box with the ring subsequently flew right into Lee’s hands.

Uncertain of how much time Lee had to rehearse, he managed to grab a tiny box in the shadows of the room on the first try, then sat down in front of Stuti and offered him something.

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