The immeasurable emotion of a family when their missing dog reappears at home


A week after going missing, a dog returned home just as inexplicably. Surprised, his masters let their joy explode. A scene filmed by a surveillance camera.

Steven Beltran and his family live in Barranquilla, in northern Colombia. A family that includes several beloved and pampered dogs, including Brownie.

When the latter vanished at the end of March, its owners were totally devastated. They thought they would never see him again. They searched everywhere and alerted social networks, but Brownie remained desperately nowhere to be found.

„There were days of research, days when we didn’t sleep, days when we didn’t eat,“ Steven Beltran told The Dodo. All we could do was think about Brownie. »

The canine’s family was beginning to lose hope when an incredible thing happened on April 4 around 6:40 p.m. local time. 7 days after running away, Brownie came home alone.

A video recorded by the property’s surveillance camera shows the quadruped sneaking under the gate to return home, then the reaction of the whole household when they see him arrive.

You can clearly hear the squeals of joy in the footage, before seeing family members come out one after another to try to figure out how the animal came back.

The other dogs in the house were also at the party. Steven Beltran even had to reassure a motorist who, alerted by this commotion, stopped in front of the home.

„Seeing Brownie again is something indescribable,“ says its owner. No one knows where the dog was all this time, or how he found his way home. “He was a little tired, quite thirsty and hungry. […] Now he is spoiled, ”adds Steven Beltran.

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