The little dog lived in the cold under the truck trying to find a piece of bread: heartwarming story


Dimka attempted to get by while traveling. He extended his paw to onlookers, who in return offered him a piece of bread.

Under the Kamaz trucks, the dog dozed off.

Dimka slid a cardboard box and some stolen bones beneath a passing truck as one of them got ready to leave.

When the vehicle started its engine once, the dog did not respond in time. One of our volunteers, Sasha, unintentionally came across a story about Dimka.

The dog does not comprehend why he cannot find a home, either at the shelter or the center for resettlement. Despite the fact that the shelter already housed 40 dogs, she brought Dimka in right away.

Even though I didn’t yet know Dimka, I made the decision to try to assist her.

Dimka ought to have been brought to a shelter in the ideal world, but not before a veterinarian examined him.

Dimka was inspected at the clinic, and by the time the visit was over, the dog was adored by all the employees and volunteers there.

This youngster is intelligent, he enjoys interacting with others, and it’s impossible to look away from the warmth and joy that show in his eyes.

He smiles in response to all the attention. Dimka can live safely in an apartment because he is little, well-mannered, and makes an excellent friend.

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