The little girl was born twice and look how it happened: the unbelievable story amazed everyone

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Margaret Boomer, a native of the US, fought for the life of her unborn child.

The life of her unborn child was declared to be in jeopardy by physicians when she was 16 weeks pregnant.

It meant that we had found cancer in the fetus, which was preventing it from receiving nourishment.

Margaret was forced to choose between having the pregnancy terminated or accepting a dangerous operation that could have negative consequences for both the unborn child and her.

The decision Margaret made also astounded the doctors.

Despite having two daughters, the young woman refused to have her pregnancy terminated and declared that she was prepared for surgery.

The cancerous tumor was removed from the spine of baby Lilith Hope, who was delivered weighing only 500 grams.

Even though it only took 20 minutes to remove the tumor, the entire procedure took five hours since the embryo had to be removed from the uterus and placed in its proper location once the tumor was removed.

You could say that the young girl was born once and would give birth to herself a second time.

After this amazing procedure, baby Lilith was reborn 12 weeks later.

The infant, who weighed two and a half kilograms, was healthy. The newborn required a second operation to have the tumor’s remnants removed after delivery.

Thankfully, everything went as planned, and the mother and daughter arrived home.

This is how a baby who was born for the second time was saved from death by the appropriate medical personnel.

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