The little girl’s IQ is higher than that of Albert Einstein: she wants to become an astronaut

Interessante Gerüchte

At that time she is only eight years old, this young lady has completed high school and is currently enrolled in two universities.

Perez Sanchez has, in fact, always been different from other kids, and at age three, she was given the Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis.

It is a disorder that makes socializing exceedingly challenging.

“ The kindergarten teachers referred to Adara as the „black sheep“ when she first started school.

She didn’t interact with other students at school. Nothing the teachers tried to do to get him to join the team or make friends worked out.

She, therefore, had no friends there, according to Adara’s mother Nayeli.

The girl grew up extremely clever, despite her communication challenges with other kids. Adara loved math and astronomy, and she was a natural learner with a great memory.

Teachers began advising the girl’s parents to enroll her in a gifted program after observing that she was developing brilliantly.

Unfortunately, the family’s financial situation did not allow for such instruction. Adara also graduated from high school and enrolled in two other universities.

The young girl aspires to work as an engineer someday. Adara is a scholarship recipient and studies math and English at the National University of Mexico City

This girl has an IQ of 2 points higher than the two greatest minds of our time, Einstein and Stephen Hawking, at 162 points.

The young child has a lofty ambition: she longs to be an astronaut like her hero Aldrin, who orbited the moon.

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