The little horse was rescued – he couldn’t stand and a kind woman helps him

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A tiny act of compassion might mean the world to someone in severe need of assistance.

It is the story of Arthur, an abandoned senior horse who was rescued just in time and given a second chance at life.

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old Belgian draft had spent the majority of his existence as a labor horse on a New England farm.

Unfortunately, the devoted animal was no longer required by his callous owner, who abandoned him to destiny soon after he turned 30.

This is how Arthur ended up hopping around from dealer to dealer.

A difficult day for the elderly horse, but happily, he found consolation in another abandoned horse – Max – along the route.

They managed to do it together.

Fortunately for these two unfortunate creatures, all of their torment came to an end one day.

A kind woman stepped up and rescued them! Cindy Daigre, founder of Tennessee’s Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary, discovered the two horses on a website.

They were both in a bad way at the time, and they were ready to be transported on their final journey when Cindy intervened.

The two horses were terrified and perplexed after months of physical and emotional anguish.

Bunt, once they were in the refuge, things started to turn for the better, and they were looking better by the day.

Cindy made herself a vow to help them get back on their feet when she brought them.

It took around two years for the sun to shine on Arthur and Max Street again.

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