The little one was stolen from the hospital: but after 18 years she saw her parents

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Imagine being loved by your entire family while growing up. You are excited to celebrate turning 18 and are in a good mood.

Now imagine that the woman you loved all your life kidnapped you and the man you considered dad is not your biological father.

This is the world that Zephany Nurse inhabits. While her mother was recovering from a cesarean section, the girl was abducted as soon as she left the hospital.

A woman masquerading as a nurse removed the infant. They were hopeless and lacked life skills. 18 years later, their other daughter Morna, then 13 years old, reported seeing an older woman who resembled her.

The girl in question is actually the daughter of Celeste and Morne, according to a DNA test that was conducted afterward, as reported by the BBC.

She insisted that the kid had been sold to her at the bus stop. Nevertheless, the judge gave her a 10-year prison term.

Zephani therefore lost the woman she had called her mother for 18 years.

Perhaps this is what made the girl decide against visiting her real family. Zephani’s parents appear to have misplaced their child once more.

The pain of losing my daughter again is equal to, if not greater than, the pain I felt when I first lost her.

Although finding her was the finest news ever, it appears we have lost her once more. The father added, „Our hearts are torn apart.“

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