The Lovable Veteran Police Dog Given Heroes’ Farewell Before Crossing The Rainbow Bridge


K-9 Grimm, a veteran police dog, has helped keep Boston safe throughout his ten years on the force.

According to, these efforts included scouring the city for explosives following the Boston Marathon Bombing and the resulting stand-off with suspects.

The loyal dog also found missing people, detected drugs, and kept dangerous criminals off the streets.

But despite years of always getting the bad guys, K-9 Grimm finally encountered an obstacle he couldn’t beat.

According to the Andover MA Police Department, Grimm was unexpectedly diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer–forcing the dog’s long-time partner into a difficult position.

“Sergeant Michael “Mickey” Connor unfortunately had to make the toughest decision that any K9 handler will ever have to make,” the department posted on Facebook.

According to the post, K-9 Grimm was ill for several days, leading his worried handler to take him to the vet. But the dog’s test results were far worse than anyone expected.

K-9 Grimm apparently suffered from an aggressive form of lung cancer. Moreover, cancer had already spread to Grimm’s lymph nodes, making the dog’s prognosis especially poor.

Upon the vet’s recommendation, Sergeant Connor made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize his long-time partner.

But before K-9 Grimm crossed The Rainbow Bridge, police gave their four-legged partner the heroes’ farewell he deserved. This included a police escort during the dog’s final ride through downtown, giving the community a chance to come out and pay their final respects

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