The man always disappeared into the forest to build a house there: he is a brilliant architect

Interessante Gerüchte

In the developed world, urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon. Overwhelmingly, more people live in cities than in rural areas worldwide.

However, a person still has a yearning for isolation and nature, as evidenced by the fact that films of bush craft aficionados receive millions of views online.

This time, he proposes to show you a cozy forest boat that was outfitted in Cyprus.

Bush craft, or the skill of surviving in the wilderness with improvised tools and knowledge passed down through the generations, is becoming more and more popular among young people.

Stress can be relieved only by switching environments from a busy city to the tranquility of nature, and when this is combined with strenuous exercise and an engaging occupation, you’ll feel entirely rejuvenated.

The young Cypriot decided to unwind by doing some home renovation, outdoors.

His objective was to use materials found in nature to construct a canoe. He took care of a clay hill beside a tree for his residence.

The man constructed the walls out of dry wood and homemade bricks made from dumped clay.

He placed the roof over grass and branches. And he constructed a stone hearth in the shelter for coziness and warmth; it is also practical to cook food there.

The forester was awakened by a group of wild pigs on the first night, which was notable for its perilous surroundings.

It appears that a dugout is on its way. At least three creatures were captured by the camera.

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