The sweet stray dog follows the man who kindly feeds her on a daily basis and finds his workplace


Our sweet story just begins with a small act of kindness that this boy did to the dog.

This cute puppy named Sally is a stray dog who has been living in Malaysia.

This sweet dog was living together with a group of roaming dogs.

The group always supported each other as they didn’t have anyone else.

A kind-hearted man named Mohd noticed the group of stray dogs and decided to feed them.

Even though he was alerted that the dogs may get aggressive he didn’t stop feeding hungry dogs.

With time the group of dogs got attached to him and were impatiently waiting for his return.

The man couldn’t come to feed them every day but anyway he did his best to do so.

One day the man stayed up at work and couldn’t come to feed them as usually.

The intelligent pup named Sally decided to go to his place of work.

The dog just wanted to see the lovely man and get his love and attention.

Sally didn’t go away from the store for a long time. The man is doing his best to find a loving home for the dog.

He lets the dog stay at the store making sure he is safe and well-fed.

Whenever the time for him comes to leave the shop, the dog simply curls up and sleeps at the shop.

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