The master introduced the dog to a tiger and a lion, and they became real friends: now they are inseparable

Interessante Gerüchte

Lazmi, 26, has fulfilled more than just his lifelong desire of becoming a veterinarian.

He made friends with a white lion, a tiger, and his bulldog. A teenage girl took over the zoo some time ago, and now it is home to 30 lions, 10 tigers, and 3 leopards.

She frequently heard from others that although she didn’t pick the simplest job, she enjoyed it.

The girl claims that tigers and lions quickly turned into puppies in her eyes. She is treated as a pet by the animals.

Or, who usually spent her free time working, made the decision she didn’t want to leave her bulldog home alone.

She found it really difficult to give up her dog. Lazmi acknowledged in an interview that he made the decision to take her to the department.

The bulldog paid great attention to how he handled the animals. He provided all-day feeding assistance to the young tigers Ledo and Igor.

The owner was taken aback when her animals came over and began to play.

The girl acknowledged that she had never before witnessed such close bonds between dogs and creatures like tigers and lions.

Animals are the best friend of people. Having good relationships with animals.

Be happy anyway.

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