The medicine which saved the daughter’s life and impressed the world with it

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She wants to impress other disabled people that their condition does not die.When his newborn daughter was sentenced to death, her father refused to accept the news.

He invented a cure for her illness, and she survived despite all odds.

Megan Crawley was diagnosed with Pompe disease when she was 14 months old.

Her father decides to create new medicine, that saved her life.

Novazyme Pharmaceuticals, which John co-founded, has done fantastic work.

John was able to raise millions of dollars to bring the cure to market, and his family’s story was changed into a book and a film.

Harrison Ford starred in Extraordinary Measures, a film about Crawley’s journey. Despite widespread press coverage, Megan’s point of view was never noticed.

his inspired her, and she starts her own blog, High Heeled Wheels.

That platform motivates people with disabilities. Megan likes proving people wrong. People have overlooked her throughout most of her life.

Megan graduated from high school and even won two awards in film, television, theater, and Americana.

Megan is involved in her university, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Megan is a role model for everyone she meets. Megan is unable to breathe or walk on her own, but she manages to survive.

She does more to stay alive and live a better life. The young lady has a lot of plans for her future. She wants to marry. She wishes to have two children via surrogacy.

Life is expensive.

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