The miner brought his son to the game right after work: he didn’t even have time to wash

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The American arrived at the stadium immediately following his shift at the mine because he was in a haste to take his 3-year-old son to a basketball game for the first time. Although it was covered in coal dust, it arrived in time for the game, and the kid seemed to like it, which is crucial.

When we are young, we frequently fail to appreciate the efforts our parents make to ensure our happiness.

But this young youngster will never forget the first time his father took him to the stadium.

John Calipari, the head coach of the basketball team, spotted something odd in the audience.

John Calipari’s image has won people’s hearts and gone viral. Miner Michael Joe McGuire, a typical guy, and his young son entered the frame.

As it turned out later, Michael had been working a long shift in the mine and had not had time to change into clean clothing.

He was also covered in coal dust, but he could not allow such a minor inconvenience to prevent him from taking her young child to the much-anticipated basketball game.

In a tweet, John Calipari promised to give this family VIP tickets so they could keep supporting their preferred team.

Only one day after the contest did he discover how well-liked he had become on social media.

We wish the family luck and hope they enjoy being treated like a VIP! They very certainly merit it!

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