The most dangerous and unusual ways to get to school: how people can pass that way on foot

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The journey to school can be a long and difficult one for many students, but for some children, getting to school involves overcoming extreme challenges.

In remote areas of the world, children face treacherous journeys to reach their schools, and in some cases, these journeys can be dangerous.

In China, children in the village of Gulu must cross narrow mountain paths that are less than a meter wide to reach their school. The journey takes them five hours, even in rain and snow.

Meanwhile, in the village of Jan Ciavan, children climb vertical bamboo ladders fixed to rocks to reach their school, a journey that is only possible for climbers.

In the Indian Himalayas, children must cross snow-capped mountains to attend boarding school, and in Colombia, children ride a cable car without cabins or seats to reach their school on a nearby mountain.

In Indonesia, students often travel to school by boat due to the swampy terrain.

Unfortunately, not all children are able to attend school in remote areas. The exhausting journeys can leave children too tired to focus on their studies, and parents may not always have the time to take their children to school in difficult terrain.

As a result, many children in remote areas do not finish school or do not attend at all, highlighting the challenges of providing education to all children regardless of their location.

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